Test de concepts

Test de concepts

Même si notre service n’est pas physiquement tangible ou si vous n’avez pas encore pu évaluer notre travail, avec ce service spécial de « test de concept », nous voulons non seulement vous convaincre de nos compétences et de notre qualité, mais aussi vous montrer que travailler avec nous vaut la peine à tous les niveaux.

We know that working with another service company makes it very difficult for you to select our services. But we can afford to give you a golden opportunity thanks to the experience of our employees and the know-how of our specialists. We can help you by choosing a place in your factory to test our services without affecting the progress of the other company’s work and without affecting your production.

For the « concept-testing » phase, which can be of different length, we offer a special price. Contact us to find out more about the prices, durations and components that are included. 

In the end you choose if you want to go to the next step with us.

Contact us directly for further information at info@profis-industrie-service.de

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